02 January 2011

Wading into a new world in 2011

I've resisted blogging for a number of reasons -- primarily because I wasn't sure it would serve a useful purpose worthy of my valuable (retired) time. But I'm adventuresome, if nothing else, so here goes. I haven't a clue to what I'll blog about -- other than it probably will have a genealogical slant since that is my hobby and passion. Perhaps I'll share some of my writings as I'm taking a class in memoir writing. Perhaps I'll find some cousins out there in BlogLand who will share information and pictures with me.
So here goes . . .


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  2. (Gosh, I need an editor! hence this second corrected comment!)

    Being the prolific writer and editor that you are, I am sure you'll find topics of interest to family and friends. Though you are retired, I am sure that doesn't stop you from marveling at life, generations younger and older, history, interesting places in your locale.

    Whether you decide to speak via your blog about a specific ancestor, or about the fine Pacific Northwest tradition of enjoying the outdoors, your blog can reflect the many facets of your interests and experience.

    I do look forward to reading your blog entries.
    Just sign me...

    A fellow Washingtonian. ;)

  3. Welcome to the blogiverse, Myra!

  4. There's plenty of room in the ocean for all kinds of fish... welcome to BlogLand where there is always room for one more!

  5. Welcome Myra, I am sure that you will love blogville. It is remarkable that we are writers who share everything and anything into a void that feels isolated and yet is read by any amount of people.The power of the internet is something our ancestors could only have dreamed about.
    I look forward to reading about your world.
    Regards from across the pond.

  6. I used to read your columns when I first started doing family history research. Welcome to blog land!

    A fellow Washingtonian and Arizonan.