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There are three American families  -- all with early roots in the USA -- in which I have an ongoing interest. They are:

o Vanderpool/Van der Poel (Dutch), especially the females and all of the descendants of the lines that went first to North Carolina in the 1750s.

o Bankston/Bankson (Swedish), especially descendants of Lawrence Bankston who went from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in the 1740s. Of special interest is his youngest son, Jacob, and his descendants who removed to Georgia.

o Autry/Awtrey (French), particularly the untangling of the several Absaloms and the lines in Colonial North Carolina.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for info on Francis Marion Hensley born abt 1797 I think in Kentucky. I know his daughter was Margaret Ann "Peggy" Hensley Flatt which was my GGG Grandmother. But I can't find who her Mother/his wife was. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michelle

  2. Sorry forgot to put my email address: Thanks! :)

  3. Hi, Myra! *I've stumbled-upon a wonderful lot of old west photographs from the Wyatt Earp generation of Family, whom I have ID'd & Verified. The original images are mostly in the Tintype form of media -& include all his women, all his brothers (and their women) his friends, associates, a few enemies of his family -& even a few outlaws. I am freely sharing good scanned images of these portraits with anyone & everyone who likes this era & these people, because I'm interested in Visual History. None have ever been published. If you have Facebook, I have many of them posted on my page there, at: If you don't have FB, I'll need an eMail or gMail address by which to share them with you. -Blue!

    1. Thank you for the information. You can reach me on Facebook and vis e-mail: