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There are three American families  -- all with early roots in the USA -- in which I have an ongoing interest. They are:
o Vanderpool/Van der Poel (Dutch), especially the females and the descendants of the lines that went first to North Carolina in the 1750s.
o Bankston/Bankson (Swedish), especially descendants of Lawrence Bankston who went from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in the 1740s. Of special interest is his youngest son, Jacob, and his descendants.o Autry/Awtrey (French), particularly the untangling of the several Absaloms and the lines in Colonial North Carolina.
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  1. Hi, I am looking for info on Francis Marion Hensley born abt 1797 I think in Kentucky. I know his daughter was Margaret Ann "Peggy" Hensley Flatt which was my GGG Grandmother. But I can't find who her Mother/his wife was. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michelle

  2. Sorry forgot to put my email address: Thanks! :)

  3. Hi, Myra! *I've stumbled-upon a wonderful lot of old west photographs from the Wyatt Earp generation of Family, whom I have ID'd & Verified. The original images are mostly in the Tintype form of media -& include all his women, all his brothers (and their women) his friends, associates, a few enemies of his family -& even a few outlaws. I am freely sharing good scanned images of these portraits with anyone & everyone who likes this era & these people, because I'm interested in Visual History. None have ever been published. If you have Facebook, I have many of them posted on my page there, at: If you don't have FB, I'll need an eMail or gMail address by which to share them with you. -Blue!

    1. Thank you for the information. You can reach me on Facebook and vis e-mail: